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Stanford ClimbingRobot tasks and timelines

See schedule and people in WorkingGroups for the weekly telecons

Summer 04 plans

Important dates: AugReview04 (August 3-4 in Montana)



  • What: RiSE everything!
  • Away dates/places: June 24,25 Sacramento (can call in); July 19-30 in England, Aug 3-5 at RiSE review
  • Exciting demo on August 3: working toybot on "interesting" vertical surfaces; logical connection to RiSE platform; good early scientific results on feet/contact modeling, sensing.
  • Meetings: Dana & Ji, Wed 9am; Moto Mon 9:30am; Biomimetics Tues 9:00am; RiSE PIs Fri 10am; Jonathan Clark (when?);


  • What: Leading efforts on the design of feet/ankles; sensing for feet; Also some continued work on haptics...; claw angle stuff for CLAWAR
  • Away dates/places: away last week July; last week August.
  • Goal: Meet RiSE deliverables with next generaion feet/ankles, reliable contact sensing


  • What: Dynamic modeling and simulation, focusing on contact models,
  • Away dates/places: Gone July 17-Aug. 8.
  • Goal: Interesting model validated by experimental data; Working contact model for RiSE simulation August 3 demo.


  • What: Working on fabrication of in-situ sensors on SDM robot appendages
  • Away dates/places: Away during 2nd half of August; return to Pisa 1 Sept.
  • Goal: Interesting working sensor in appendage. IEEE ICRA paper draft???


  • What: Hair? Spines? [coming soon...]
  • Away dates/places: Sept. Baby delivery and holiday (Hawaii?) - Oct. 9th =====> Back to Pisa
  • Create something very interesting before going home.


  • What: Compliance tuning of flexural elements (for ankle?)
  • Away dates/places: 2days-a-week internship at Lunar Design? (To be confirmed) July 22-29 Hawaii for family vacation. (Confirmed)
  • Goal: realistic FEM model fiber reinforced flexures; reliable ways to locate fibers in flexible components.


  • What: CompliantStickyFoot??, CompliantSpinedFoot? ??, SuperGlue
  • Away dates/places: June 17-21; WI for a week in mid-August; a few extended weekends in summer?
  • Goal: Foot that is RiSE-sized and works!


  • What: Friction, Leg trajectory and Foot testing on climbing wall; ASME paper (?)
  • Away dates/places: July 6-8 entertaining house guests. A weekend here and there (Nothing definite). Maybe home for a week in Sept.
  • Goal: Data on trajectories for feet and climbing maneuvering, strategies


  • What: Design & manufacturing of climbing feet for RiSE platform; sensing in foot (PVDF)
  • Away dates/places: August 5-27 in France.
  • Goal: Develop next generation climbing foot for variety of surfaces with RiSE Platform.


  • What: ToyBot04 development and experiment.
  • Away dates/places: June 20 - July 3.
  • Goal: Working toybot with spines and/or adhesives for August 3 video!


  • What: Quals !?! // Role of compliance & underactuation in climbing
  • Away dates/places: June 24 - July 7.
  • Goal: TBD.


  • What: Use of accelerometers for sensing, control?
  • Away dates/places: going home sometime at the end of summer for about a week
  • Goal: Ability to detect important events using foot sensors (e.g. slippage; good/bad contact conditions...)


  • What: Trajectory Specification and More
  • Away dates/places: June 22 - July 1 (ME310 Presentation in Munich), maybe home a week or two in Sept.
  • Goal: Trajectory specification; Toybot ideas & testing.


  • What: experiments on the test track (with Trey) + maybe design/manufacturing (with Miguel and Moto)
  • Away dates/places: here for June 21-Aug 28
  • Meetings: with Mark, wed. 9am


  • What: experiments on the test track (with Trey) + maybe design/manufacturing (with Miguel and Moto)
  • Away dates/places: here for June 21-Aug 28
  • Meetings: with Mark, wed. 9am

Older stuff: Summer 03...

  6/03 - 8/03 8/03 - 9/21 9/22 - 12/20
WHO finish MURI, start RiSE DARPA 8-28 Fall Quarter
MotohideHatanaka SDMsensorFab, ClimbingConcepts ActuatedClaw  
JonathanClark LegDesign, RobotAnalysis  
AMcClung DynamicModeling, SprawlTurning  
KevinHufford FootAdhesion, SuperGlue, SDMgeckoFingers  
DanielSantos CbotStaticModeling, LegDesign  
MiguelPiedrahita GripperFab, SuperGlue, SDMgeckoFingers  
TiffanyCard GumbyBot, PartridgeThrust N/A N/A
SangbaeKim IndependentSprawl  
WillP FootSensingAndActuation, ManufacturingHome, ClawMechanics
SeanBailey BiologicallyInspiredAdaptation  
EmilyMa AntennaWallFollowing N/A  
MarkCutkosky MuriToRiSE1    
AdamPrickett LegPlatformDevelopment, ClawMechanics  

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