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Objective: Produce a 1cm x 1cm square of nanohairs
Running List of objectives:

  • Bond hairs from Cal to a substrate
    • Cast Hairs
      1. Test the bonding between polyamide hairs on a polyamide substrate and a polyurethane substrate
      2. Test the bonding between polyamide hairs (without a polyamide substrate) and a polyurethane substrate
      3. Test the feasibility of casting polyurethane in polycarbonate filters so the polyurethane hairs and substrate are one piece
    • Test the bonding between polyurethane and polyamide
    • Test different solvents and their effects on polyurethanes
    • Test solvents' ability to dissolve polycarbonate filters
    • Procure materials:
      • Solvents
        • Methylene Chloride, Dimethyformamide, Trichloroethane, Cyclohexane, Acetone, Benzene
      • Polycarbonate nanofilters
        • 2um filters so they can be seen under an optical microscope
        • 0.4um filters for functionality
      • Polyamide
      • Polyimide
      • Non-stick release films?
  • Dendritic Growth as a possibility?

Objective: Prepare for a visit to Kellar Autumn's Lab - Go in Spring

  • Get an idea of what the Robotoe Setup is like
    • Ranges, parameters, etc.



  • Completed online safety training courses for the MERL cleanroom
  • Etched casted filters in methylene chloride


  • Casted second batch of 1.2um filters in 90A and in marine epoxy
  • Got mylar release film and marine epoxy from tap Plastic


  • Etched casted hairs in methylene chloride
  • Unsuccessful etching


  • Casted first batch of 1.2um filters in 70A
  • Got methylene chloride from the chemistry store



  • Polycarbonate filter order
    • 13mm, 2.0um pores are out of stock - ordered 1.2um pores and 0.4um pores
    • 1.2um pores are coming next week and 0.4um pores are coming in 2 weeks
  • Set up the use of a strong optical microscope (500x) for next week
    • Contact: Vikram Mukdan at Pruitt's lab
  • Spin Coater
    • Refining the use of a spin coater in the polyurethane hair casting process
    • Contact: Eerik Hantsoo at Pruitt's lab
  • Methylene chloride
    • Getting solvent disposal equipment
    • Looking into necessary safety-related issues


  • Ordered 13mm diameter polycarbonate filters with 0.4um and 2.0um diameter pores.
  • Researched solvents for polycarbonate


  • Talked to Moto
  • Set up Chem Store Account
  • Talked to Rick Groff
    • Switched from Alumina filters to Polycarbonate filters
  • Talked to Tim Kelly at Lewis and Clark
    • Projects going on at the lab
  • Spoke to Professor Dave Barnett about possibly using dendritic growth to grow hairs...


  • Removed the sample fom the NaOH solution and rinsed it with water
  • Looked at 3 samples under the microscope: Sample 1 (90A) from 11/26, Sample 2 (20A) from 12/10, and uncasted samples
  • Results and Picutures: EmbeddedAdhesive


  • Cleaned up unsuccessful casting of 90A parts for the elongation test
    • Unsuccessful casting may have been due to improper hardener/ resin ratio
  • Cleaned the Haas Machine
  • Procured NaOH
  • Mixed NaOH in hot water to make a 1 molar solution (following the same procedures as Documentation-EcthingFilters.doc)


  • Casted 90A in parts for elongation test
  • Cofabricated 5 half-filters.
  • Met with Moto


  • Mixed KOH in hot water to make a 1 molar solution
  • Submerged the embedded filter in the solution
  • Waited for 12 hrs
  • Removed the sample fom the KOH solution and rinsed it with water
  • Experiment Page: EmbeddedAdhesive
  • Documentation-EcthingFilters.doc


  • Procured pellets of KOH



  • Spoke to Will about SU8
  • SU 8 BG Research


  • Visited the PolyPEDAL Lab at Berekely w/ Moto and Miguel
    • Spoke to Professor Full and Rick Groff
    • Looked at current hair manufacturing progress
    • Talked about future steps


  • Analyzing current foot designs on Twiki
  • Brainstorming ideas for cofabrication
  • Background research


  • Background research


  • Met with Moto - checkup on research progress


  • Met with Moto - made a tentative schedule of research for the quarter
    • Week 4/5 - Background research
    • Week 6 - Analyze current foot designs
    • Week 7/8/9 - Designing and prototyping for cofabrication

10/11/01 - Monday

  • Spoke to Mark about research
  • Submitted Faculty Grant Proposal

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