-- EmilyMa? - 30 Jun 2003

N.B. I am currently working off campus this summer but am available via phone and email.

I hope to contribute to the RiSE project in two areas:

  • Cockroach climbing: I have and may continue to do background research on cockroach climbing. I hope to continue to collect and upload the documentation I did two years ago for the work on passive feet. Click on RoachTarsus for notes on biological background. Click here for the intial proposal, reports and MURI presentation from 2001 in Docushare.

  • Antenna wall-following: I believe that simple sensing modalities will be crucial to the initiation of wall climbing. For the summer, I hope to work with Shai (and Noah from long-distance) to get Shaiís SprawlOS up and running so that I can implement a number of controllers digitally in the fall.

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