Design and fabrication of skin-like contact sensors, hair-like contact sensors, flexural bend sensor, etc. This would be used to detect obstacles. The main goal is to explore ways of fabricating complex electronic components using SDM.

-- MotohideHatanaka? - 17 Jun 2003

Moto got some conductive rubber. It is very viscous. Need vacuum for flow assistance? Other material? Can also get conductive rubber sheets. Chromerics (?). Is it also sticky? Does it shrink alot while drying? All these factors influence how easy it is to work with. If it wants to shrink and you don't let it, it may crack. WillP has some experience with various of these.

High temp. curing is another problem. -- MarkCutkosky - 02 Jul 2003
-- MarkCutkosky - 05 Aug 2003 moved to ManufacturingHome area

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