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Test Track Data



Friday June 25

  • finshing up test track tests
  • brainstorming for foot design with Alan
  • prototyping foot design

Monday June 28

  • updating Test Track data page
  • working on the foot prototype with Alan for Wednesday
  • coming up with a method of analyzing the test track data
  • meeting with Trey on schedule for the summer
  • meeting with Miguel, Alan and Dana on foot design

Tuesday June 29

  • weekly 9am meeting
  • completed prototype with Alan; took pictures
  • plotted, printed out the data from the test track experiment
  • dana put up the data on twiki
  • updating the Test Track data page

Wednesday June 30

  • analysed the test track data
  • answered questions on the page
  • to machine shop with miguel and dana

Thursday Jul 1

  • Retest on lamellae feet
  • Foot design meeting

Friday Jul 2

  • Finished up lamellae feet retests
  • mounting dactyl foot
  • calibrated the parameters for dactyl foot

Monday Jul 5

  • Meeting with Alan about foot design
  • brainstorming and prototyping

Tuesday Jul 6

  • General group meeting
  • foot prototype

Wednesday Jul 7

  • undergrad meeting at 9am
  • plotted data, updated Twiki page
  • foot prototype

Thursday Jul 8

  • lab clean up
  • foot prototype
  • one legged toybot completed


Friday Jul 9

  • foot prototype
  • two legged toybot completed
  • toybot testing on rough wall
  • video: ToyBot04

Monday Jul 12

  • foot prototype
  • ordered springs (to arrive tomorrow morning)
  • brainstorming for how to add a second degree of freedom on the toybot

Tuesday Jul 13

  • weekly meeting
  • shopping for supplies
  • more foot prototyping - final platform with four legs and 6 servos


Wednesday Jul 14

  • meeting: new RiSE test track
    • Reminder: record all test track parameters (5 parameters: distance between the test track and the force plat; the distance of the tip of the claw to the screw hole in x', y', and x'; the angle the track is at initially)
  • completed foot prototyping

Thursday Jul 15

  • two more white tube feet

  • changed to stiffer cables for the lower cables
  • modified servo
  • testing
  • alan wrote a program for interpolation for Virgilio's Servocontrol.
  • completed toybot

Friday Jul 16

  • minor modification on toybot
  • calibrated positions of the servo with Virgilio's Servocontrol (on: \\chewie\users\JiLee\Sequence1)
  • interpolated using Matlab.
Monday Jul 19
  • edited the calibrated points using Servocontrol, matlab (on: \\chewie\users\JiLee\OutputSequence4)
  • saved the data onto the circuit board
  • video of autonomous Tony V3 climbing take 1 (ToyBot04)
  • video of autonomous Tony V3 climbing take 2 after fine tuning the positions (ToyBot04)

Tuesday Jul 20

  • more videos on different surfaces
  • tried out different trajectories (on: \\chewie\users\JiLee)
    • Sequence5C? : trajectory specific for rather smooth surface/ more circular trajectory while detaching/ greater distance of scraping down while attaching
    • Sequence6: trajectory specific for rather rough surface
  • video editing

Wednesday Jul 21

  • made the cover for the toybot
  • reinforcing the toybot parts
  • revised trajectories (on: \\chewie\users\JiLee)
    • Sequence5Cfast? : Sequence5C? made faster
    • Sequence6fast: Sequence6 made faster
  • videos (ToyBot04)
    • pebbled wall
    • felt surface
    • stucco wall
    • relatively smooth MERL wall

Thursday Jul 22

  • made the toybot to climb 4.3 times faster by changing the trajectory.
  • video editing
  • toybot repair

Friday Jul 23

  • putting feet together to be shipped out
  • video editing
  • brainstorming for dry adhesive feet

Monday Jul 26

  • video editing
  • put together rough draft of slides for presentation
  • brainstorming for dry adhesive feet

Tuesday Jul 27

  • brainstorming
  • quick prototyping
  • helped out on stickybot

Wednesday Jul 28

  • built the stickybot
  • programmed sequence for trajectory, however, revision of the toybot design was required

Thursday Jul 29

  • more video shooting- climbing all the way up the stucco wall
  • editing

Friday Jul 30

  • toybot repairing
  • video shooting

Monday Aug 2

  • lab clean up

Tuesday Aug 3

  • weekly lab meeting
  • brainstorming

Wednesday Aug 4

  • design meeting- presentation by Sangbae on the findings on stickybot
  • discussion on future direction of toybot
  • scheduled meeting on Tuesday at 1:30 pm for design brainstorming

Friday Aug 6

  • quick meeting with mark on montana review
  • general overview of what is expected for the august demonstration

Tuesday Aug 10

  • weekly lab meeting (presentation done in Montana)
  • brainstorming for 2nd version of spinybot
  • design meeting at 1:30pm - more robust manufactured feet/ various ideas for foot actuation
  • spring order to be made

Wednesday Aug 11

  • foot prototyping
  • brainstorming

Thursday Aug 12

  • finished up the 2-page report
  • more foot prototyping

Friday Aug 13

  • foot prototyping

Monday Aug 16

  • solidworks modelling
  • foot prototyping (toes)

Tuesday Aug 17

  • lab clean up
  • tried to use the haas machine but broken
  • manually machined the blue wax mold for SDM
  • brainstorming for attaching the rubber band
  • prototyping

Wednesday Aug 18

  • solidworks modelling
  • poured polyurethane to cure

Thursday Aug 19

  • took the cured part off the mold by machining
  • made the foot

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