Notes From Summer Retreat 2008

  • See GroupPresentation? for Biomimetics presentation schedule

People - who is doing what, when

Name Project(s) Away
Mark C everything July 10-12, 28-31, 18-20
Jonathan Climbing Robots Around all summer
Sanjay Artificial Muscles June 22 - July 11, July 17-23, August 29-31
Peeete Telerobotics Half-week around July 3, second week of August
Sal Thermally-Optimal Control, RiSE, StickyBot, Human Safe Control June 20-24 August 5-11
Barret HumanSafeRobot, StickyBot July1 6-21, mid August
John HumanSafeRobot skin 1.5 to 2 weeks around June 21
Dan HumanSafeRobot June 12-15, partial availability June 30-July 4, July 21-25, July 31- Aug 4
Samson HumanSafeRobot Gone all Summer at GM
Alan RiSE, ZMan, Machine Learning August 1-3
Laurel RiSE June 18-26
Alexis DraperZman, Perching Beginning of September(?)
Aaron Microfabrication, COINS, NIRT, DraperZman July 31-August 4, August 20 - September 2
Noe DraperZman, FEA July 4-7, August 28- first week of September
Joan StanfordHaptics, Skin Stretch Late September
Karlin StanfordHaptics, Skin Stretch August 8-15
Jason StanfordHaptics, Prosthetics July 1-10
Yong-Lae Bio Med, MRI Late September
Santhi Bio Med, MRI June 16-July 8
Taylor DraperZman June 16-23, July 3-7
Ivan RiSE July 3-10
Gayle StanfordHaptics June 14-22, end of September
Greg DraperZman  

Things to Take Care of

  • Lab organization and clean up
    • Phase 1: Removal of garbage and other useless things
      • Monday, June 16th from 11-1 (might need rescheduling due to visitors)
      • Pizza may be ordered
    • Phase 2: Moving of furniture
      • July 23rd or 24th
      • Aaron and Jason need to plan out table space by then
  • Patio
    • John will look into acquiring an umbrella
  • SDM Tutorials
    • Tuesday (Toesday), June 17th
    • Wednesday, June 18th
    • Wednesday, June 25th
  • HAAS
    • Wax block renewal
      • Double-stick tape for attaching new blocks?
  • Fish
    • Friday, June 13th: Fill second tank
    • Tuesday, June 17th: Clean out main tank
    • Thursday, June 19th: Return fish to main tank
  • Light box
    • Obtain Vellum, mount it on light box, clean optics and mount them more securely.
  • Computer Systems
    • Yoda: Samba _ SVN
    • BDML WebDav
    • Twiki: New version
    • Backup computer rationalization

Project Schedules

  • RiSE Toes
    • End of June: First foot
    • Mid July: Version 1 (full robot)
    • End of July: Semi-final design
    • End of July - Early August: Mass production
    • Mid - Late August: Demos
  • IFOS
    • Meet Mark Bianco and talk with Hahseh Med.
    • Version 1 sensors with parallel work on piezo
    • Early August: Version 2
    • End of summer: demo a catheter prototype
  • ZMan
    • 21 July: Visit from program manager
    • Metal toe redesign?
    • Adhesives
    • Hierarchical Designs
  • Haptics
    • End of July: A few skin stretch things for testing with Thor, Beziel, and Scott Delp.
  • HumanSafe
    • Build own arm test bed
    • Mid July: Patch of skin for GM (4/5 weeks, August at latest)
  • Motor Control (Sal)
    • 2 months: First result * Human Safe or Rise applications
  • Artificial Muscle (Sanjay)
    • First rough version
    • Better version
    • Time line highly dependent on finding a place to manufacture samples

-- LaurelFullerton - 13 Jun 2008

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