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Impact Testing Group

The Team:

Current Work:

To Do's:

Put your name behind the task you are working on so no one else will touch it or they will know who to collaborate with. Once task is done, put in ClosedToDo with date, your name and any notes (suppose task is a question that needs to be answered, put down your answer there) Thanks!!
  • Find out what the various switches do (ie test_max, display on, etc)(Kuan Li)
  • We need more RAM for Twain. Find out type needed.
  • Get the crash test dummy (SAMSON PHAN)
  • Calibrate arm by getting program from Peter Thaulad or reconstructing it from BLDC
  • Find mass matrices in the code and in the thesis
  • Find jacobians in the code and in the thesis
  • Find forward kinematics in the code and in thesis
  • Develop new joint limits (old ones too liberal). and find out the zeroes


StartupProcedures CodeInformation CodeBackup

Testing and Modelling (Let's Brainstorm ideas on what we can get out of this system):

  • What do we want to learn?
  • We could do comparison of new and old system to see how they measure up
  • Confirm Manipulator Safety Index to be a better rubric for manipulators as opposed to Head Injury Criteria


-- SamsonPhan - 31 Jan 2008

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