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Welcome to the Stanford wiki for the DARPA Z-Man project at the Stanford Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab. This website is primarily intended as a shared electronic notebook for members of the research team, but visitors are welcome to peruse the public pages.

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Areas of Interest

Gecko-like Synthetic Adhesives
Synthetic Dry Adhesives
  • MicroWedges -- a wedge shaped adhesive array manufactured using an SU-8 mold and PDMS cast material
  • HierarchicalAdhesives -- multi-level adhesive structures that improve alignment and conformation to surfaces, increasing performance on rough surfaces and for large patch sizes
  • OtherPrototypes?
  • Need Inspiration? GeckoPics?
Microspines for rough surface climbing
Microspines for rough surfaces

  • RiSE? -- a hexapedal climbing robot that can be outfitted with various feet for climbing a variety of surfaces
  • SpinyBot? -- the first robot platform to climb rough surfaces using microspines
  • ManufacturingHome; a manufacturing process that uses repetitive material addition and removal to create complex multimaterial parts with the possibility to embed sensors or electronics
Force sensing apparatus for testing sticky patches
Experimental Test Setup and Experimental Data

StickyBot on a semi-smooth surface
Test Platforms

  • StickyBot? -- a quadrapedal robot with peeling toes that can climb glass and semi-smooth surfaces using synthetic dry adhesives
  • HangTesting?
StickyBot on a semi-smooth surface
Modeling and Analysis

New Wedges

Contact Information

  • Location: MERL Bldg. 660, Rm 132
  • Lab phone: (650) 723-4258; conference speakerphone: (650) 723-2070
  • Fax: 650-723-3521
  • Map and directions?

Telecon Information

Meeting Information
   * URL:  pwd = zman
   * Brainkeeper Page:
      * Meeting ID:    96727863
      * Name:    Zman dry adhesive weekly web/telecon
      *Creator:    djc2079 (New_Meetings)

Teleconference:    Cal in to 617-258-3023 (first person calling in should let it ring)
Agenda:    Weekly progress conference for Zman. As discussed we'll rotate "major" 
presentations among performers each week.

Draper Wiki:

  • login = yourname&email
  • pwd = yourpwd

Telecon 2010 OCt 14


Review Feb 2010

* StanfordZmanFeb2010.ppt: slides from Cutkosky presentation Feb 2010

Telecon Oct. 29 2009

* NoeSildes.pptx: Slides from Oct. 29 09 telecon

* h3_inaction.avi: Hierarchy III in action

* squeegees_inaction.avi: Squeegees in action video

Phase III Kickoff Presentation Draft - Sept 17 2009

* ZmanPhaseIIIKickoff_23Sept09_vB.pptx: Presentation post group meeting --- Still need to clean up wording

* ZmanPhaseIIIKickoff_23Sept09_vA.pptx: ZmanPhaseIIIKickoff _23Sept09_vA.pptx

Hier Journal Paper Draft - Aug 13 2009

* HierarchDraft.pdf: Paper Draft for Soto and other remote users

11 August 2009:

  • ZmanPhaseIIReport.pdf: Zman Phase II final technical report - this is a brief summary of the Activities, Findings and Publications from Phase II.

Phase 2/3 Slides and movies


Telecon April 09 2009

Example processing files and data
  • configure.m: Basic file with configuration parameters

  • Raw data files- There is a single file per test run

  • Ideal Trajectory Files- Used by the controller to read the desired trajectory and by the processing script

Telecon Materials

Telecon March 25 2009

Bilayer (DPS + Wedges) Draper Test Video "curled material"

  • Video_12.wmv: "video12" Hexapod testing with area split into three lines.

-- DraperLab - 18 Mar 2009

Bilayer (DPS + Wedges) Results

Opposed Spine mechanism

PreviousPage (as of Jan. 5, 2009)

Tri-Layer structure update

  • 2009-02-23-2.5D-closeup.tif.tif: Closeup of the 2.5D structures. We suspect the mold we're using is getting a little old, which could explain the not-squared-off tips.

-- DraperLab - 25 Feb 2009

Q2 Zman review slides

Draper's slides for the spines task from the second quarterly review with DARPA

-- DraperLab - 11 Feb 2009

Clipping spines videos

Innovative ways to cut fishhooks, courtesy of the mechanical whizzes at Stanford who have been doing this for like 3 years now.

Prototype This! Climbing the wall:

A whole page has been made to share info for the force stage set up: ForceStage (August 27)

pwd: zman

-- DraperLab - 11 Jul 2007

I uploaded these presentations for us to look over at today's telecon. - Will

Slides for telecon on 7/27/07 about toe design:

-- AlanAsbeck - 27 Jul 2007

07.27.07 Concept Review Slides

    • will2.avi: Video to go with "L" Flexure concept (McFarland)

-- DraperLab - 27 Jul 2007

Stanford Prototyping progress as of 8/8/07:

-- DraperLab - 9 Aug 2007

  • HumanClimbingMechanics.pptx: Results of a lit survey regarding how loads get re-distributed to the remaining contact points when a climber lifts one hand/arm to reach for a new hand/foot hold

-- DraperLab - 30 Aug 2007

Here are the files that the e-mail system choked on...

-- 5 Sept 2007

-- 19 Sept 2007

ZManOutsideTesting -- Success! People doing pull-ups outside on a real wall using 4 patches.

Equipment and Instruments


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