-- AaronParness - 06 Jan 2009

---++ Clipping spines videos

Innovative ways to cut fishhooks, courtesy of the mechanical whizzes at Stanford who have been doing this for like 3 years now.

* Alan_masterfully_cuts_fishhooks_divx.avi: Alan the Professional shows you how it's done

* Possible_alternate_way_of_trimming_fishhooks_divx.avi: Alexis' super-fast technique

---+++Prototype This! Climbing the wall:

* prototype_this_climbing_only_divx.avi: Climber scales entire building

* subsequent_testing_divx.avi: Everyone else trying to climb too!

* DiscoveryChannelFindings.doc: Summary Document of work for Discovery Channel


A whole page has been made to share info for the force stage set up: ForceStage


https://meeting.draper.com/meeting/09162479 (August 27)

pwd: zman

-- DraperLab - 11 Jul 2007

I uploaded these presentations for us to look over at today's telecon.
- Will

* 2007.07.09NormalFoceData.ppt: Normal load capacity data from Draper testing

* 2007.07.10MaxLoadSystemofSpines.ppt: Maximum loads for a system of spines/blades


Slides for telecon on 7/27/07 about toe design:

* 2007_07_26-ToeDesignwithWorkingModel3.ppt: Latest version

-- AlanAsbeck - 27 Jul 2007

07.27.07 Concept Review Slides

* 2007.07.26McFarlandConcepts.ppt: Flexure Slider and "L" Flexure concepts (McFarland)

* will2.avi: Video to go with "L" Flexure concept (McFarland)

* Belliodog-pack.exe: "Dog Pack" concept (Bellio)

* ConceptMH7-26-07.ppt: Carding Staple Array concpet (Hansberry)

* HARJES-DESIGN.ppt: Articulating 4-Bar Array concept (Harjes)

* SallumConcept7-26-07.ppt: Cable Actuated Tendon concept (Sallum)

* flexurespine.PDF: Flexure Spine concept pt.1 (Kerrebrock)

* flexurespine2.PDF: Flexure Spine concept pt.2 (Kerrebrock)

-- DraperLab - 27 Jul 2007

Stanford Prototyping progress as of 8/8/07:

* 2007_08_08-StanfordPrototypes.ppt: Prototyping progress

* 2007-08-08_WireToes.ppt: Wire Toes prototyping

-- DraperLab - 9 Aug 2007

* HumanClimbingMechanics.pptx: Results of a lit survey regarding how loads get re-distributed to the remaining contact points when a climber lifts one hand/arm to reach for a new hand/foot hold

* HumanClimbingMechanics.ppt: Same file in powerpoint '97-'03 format

-- DraperLab - 30 Aug 2007

Here are the files that the e-mail system choked on...

* Wire-EDMSample.ppt: Photo of the Wire-EDM'd four-bar flexure toe.

* L6x6x0.625x3.sldprt: Test fixture "business end" (i.e. spine/gecko pad interface).

* L6x6x0.625x3.SLDDRW: Dimensioned drawing of above.

* Z-Mangrippertestsystem.exe: E-Drawing of the test fixure solid model for reference

-- 5 Sept 2007

* ToesNitinolArray.ppt: Toes from Nitinol Array...

-- 19 Sept 2007

* L6x6x0.625x3.SLDPRT: BDML Readable version imported from parasolid file

ZManOutsideTesting -- Success! People doing pull-ups outside on a real wall using 4 patches.

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