-- KimberlyHarrison - 17 Feb 2011

Location: Near force stage in wedge-testing area


  • High Speed Pulnix Digital Camera
  • Ethernet Connection to DarthSal?
  • Schott power supply for on-board light

Basic Instructions for Usage:

  1. Ensure that both the camera and light are plugged in to power (just because the camera light comes on does not mean the camera itself is on)
  2. Ensure that the orange ethernet cable is connected to the camera and the GigE? card in the computer (the green lights on the back of the camera should be lit)
  3. On DarthSal? (on an admin account) wait until the local area connection symbol on the desktop Windows bar indicates "limited or no connectivity"
  4. Open Streampix III software (if it is already open, it may help to close the software and reopen)
  5. In the Hardware menu, choose Jai GigE? Vision (at this point, you should be able to see images through the camera on the Streampix screen)
  6. To record:
    1. Choose LiveMode? (on toolbar directly underneath the word "file")
    2. In the file menu, choose either New Sequence on Disk (for really short recordings) or New Sequence in Ram (for longer recordings)
    3. Press big orange record button

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