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In the News

Check out our introductory article on SCAMP in IEEE Spectrum!

More SCAMP coverage: Engadget (Video followup), NewsbeatSocial (video), Cnet, Slate, DailyMail, SimbleBotics, Nerdist, Mental_Floss, Technabob, TechXplore, IndustryTap, ZeeNews, Hitchhiker's Guide to Tech, Artificial Intelligence Online, Elektor Magazine, DamnGeeky, FayerWayer, EuropaPress, GenK, PCRevue, Futura-Sciences, Futurism, Slashgear, Drone360, TheApolloBox, and BitCraze.

New approach to perching gets some coverage: SlashGear, DigitalSpy, TechInsider, ZeeNews, Mashable, Gizmodo, The Verge, TechXplore, Geek.com, SeriousWonder. Original post on IEEE Spectrum

This New York Times article covers our quadrotor perching collaboration with UPenn and reviews a lot of other cool related projects in the lab.

PopSci and Gizmodo have some good coverage on our collaboration with the University of Maryland.

Gizmag has one of the best articles on our first Jumpgliding prototype. These articles at Inhabitat and The Tech Journal cover the same basic territory, while this article at Discovery.com refers to our later publication.





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