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12 May 2016: Hao Jiang's perching quadrotor video featured in IEEE Spectrum robotics, with a story by Morgan Pope.

Hannah inspects her hands on Ocean One

27 April 2016: Congratulations to Hannah Stuart and Shiquan Wang and all the participants from Oussama Khatib's robotics lab in CS on their maiden voyage for Ocean One. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1HmgP9l4VY

26 April 2016: Congratulations to Morgan Pope on his defense. Go SCAMP!

8 April 2016: Congratulations to Will and Arul on their respective NSF and NASA fellowships.

29 March 2016: NASA sent a gecko gripper to the International Space Station - from BDML alumnus and collaborator Aaron Parness, at JPL.

14 March 2016: Congratulations to Elliot, Eric and Dave for winning the ASME Smart Materials Best Bio-inspired Paper award for a paper published in any journal in the previous 12 months. The award is for "Human climbing with efficiently scaled gecko-inspired dry adhesives" (the same RS Interface paper that got involved in No Spiderman? news below).

13 March 2016: David's Ant-Inspired Microtugs in the New York Times

11Feb2016: Mike North (former collaborator) paid a visit and made a video of what he found: Grippy, Not Sticky

Mark demonstrating grasping without squeezing

No Spiderman? - A recent article in PNAS on the scaling of adhesives for insects and geckos suggests that if we extrapolate to humans, climbing is not feasible. This idea was picked up in the press, with articles like Science: No, you can't be Spider-Man (Engadget). Stephen Colbert built on it for a splendid riff on his show: Science Has Ruined Spider-Man. But wait... didn't we show that it is entirely possible to climb walls with gecko-inspired adhesives if you distribute the forces very carefully (RS Interface Nov2014)? So Elliot Hawkes has prepared a rebuttal, (28Jan2016), which Colbert picked up for the kickoff to his 5 Feb. show: S-s-spi-i-i-i-der-ma-a-a-an.

28 Oct 2015: Mark, Elliot, and Dave present work on grasping without squeezing, human climbing, and microrobots at Swissnex Biorobots: Dissected'

12 Oct 2015: Come to Dave Christensen's defense tomorrow morning!

1 Oct 2015: Congratulations to Alice Wu, Arul, Hao, John, Elliot & Dave for the IROS 2015 Best Paper Award for their paper on "Tactile Sensing for Gecko-Inspired Adhesion." BDML attendees reported a lively conference, with 969 papers (of 2134 submitted) and many good workshops, etc.

30 Sept: Lab Meeting time will move to 12:30 starting this Friday.

05August2015: Always glad to have the DaVinci Camp stop by!

ICRA Best Student Paper 2015

26June2015: BDML kick-off-the-summer retreat

22June2015: Welcome to the new SURIs for summer 2015: KatieHahm, IsabelGueble, IanLewis, ChrisKimes,ChristinaGibbs

18June2015: Nice story in IEEE Spectrum on the evolution of spiny grippers: Spinybot -->RiSE-->JPL-->NASA (nothing about the branch of the family tree that went to Zman however ;-)

30May2015: Congratulations to Elliot, Dave, Amy and Hao on winning the 2015 IEEE ICRA Best Student Paper award for "Grasping without Squeezing: Shear Adhesion Gripper with Fibrillar Thin Film."

27May2015: BDML and Bioinspiration at the Royal Society celebration of 350 years of scientific publishing

  • paper: Climbing with Adhesion, from Bio-Inspiration to Bio-Understanding, Royal Society Interface Focus, May 2015

15May2015: NYT -- controllable adhesion applications: perching, tugging, gripping.

27April2015: MicroTugs get some press as ICRA2015 approaches:

13March2015: Getting ready for TED in Vancouver: 1500 geckos with directional, controllable adhesive


Recent WebChanges

21Nov2014: Popular press has picked up on the paper led by Elliot on Human climbing with efficiently scaled gecko-inspired dry adhesives
A few examples: BBC, The Guardian (UK), Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, io9, Huffington Post, New York Times, Stanford News,
And a nice video vignette on Science Take from the New York Times: Harnessing Gecko Power
-- more details on the BDML Climb page

26Sept2014: Schedules for the Stanford Robotics Seminar, BDML lab meetings, etc. are taking shape: LabMeetingSchedule

22Sept2014: Back from Crown Lake expedition and ready to start the new year!

25July2014: The DaVinci Camp Summer Institute stopped by this morning to learn about bio-inspired robots and play with some gecko-inspired adhesives.

27June2014: Lab meeting at Sam McDonald Park to kick off the summer among the flora and fauna.

8June2014: An Enjoyable and successful ICRA2014 in Hong Kong! And congratulations to Matt Estrada for being a best paper finalist. (See Publications page for the several ICRA papers.)

19 Sept:''' Welcome to new and returning students

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