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13March2015: Getting ready for TED in Vancouver: 1500 geckos with directional, controllable adhesive


21Nov2014: Popular press has picked up on the paper led by Elliot on Human climbing with efficiently scaled gecko-inspired dry adhesives
A few examples: BBC, The Guardian (UK), Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, io9, Huffington Post, New York Times, Stanford News,
And a nice video vignette on Science Take from the New York Times: Harnessing Gecko Power
-- more details on the BDML Climb page

26Sept2014: Schedules for the Stanford Robotics Seminar, BDML lab meetings, etc. are taking shape: LabMeetingSchedule

22Sept2014: Back from Crown Lake expedition and ready to start the new year!

25July2014: The DaVinci Camp Summer Institute stopped by this morning to learn about bio-inspired robots and play with some gecko-inspired adhesives.

27June2014: Lab meeting at Sam McDonald Park to kick off the summer among the flora and fauna.

8June2014: An Enjoyable and successful ICRA2014 in Hong Kong! And congratulations to Matt Estrada for being a best paper finalist. (See Publications page for the several ICRA papers.)

19 Sept:''' Welcome to new and returning students! We are setting up the Calendar of fall group meetings and updating various pages.

  • We have a new RA position on variable-stiffness actuators. This is suitable for an incoming MS or co-term student. It is funded for 2 quarters at present. Possibly more in the future.
  • LabMeetingSchedule updated for Fall 2013
  • NewProjectsFall2013 -- some new, moderately scoped projects that new graduate students might like to get involved in (e.g. research rotation).
  • Also looking for one more ME112 TA - position is for Winter 2014, strong preference for ME112 alumni. Email to Cutkosky, subject: ME112 TA

2 Aug: Back on campus. Lots of efforts underway on perching, haptics, sensing, gliding, climbing...

May 11: Slightly garbled mention of the ICRA 2013 jump gliding paper in New Scientist.

May 2: Videos of quadrotor perching on ceilings and other surfaces picked up by Popular Science for a short article.

April 3: Stanford Robotics Seminar starts this Friday! Speakers from BDML include Paul Karplus and Jung Hwa Bae on the RoboSimian Hand and Force-Sensing Needle projects.

Feb 11: Mark in Pisa+Pontedera & Skyping daily with various groups. ICRA13 papers by Dan Aukes et al. and Alexis Lussier-Desbiens et al. ready for upload.

Jan 2013: Contrats to Dan Aukes, Barrett Heyneman and Samson Phan on their defenses.

Dec 14: Congratulations to Barrett Heyneman on his Best Biomimetics Paper award at RoBio 2012.

Sept 3: Robots drilling for oil (Bloomberg News) describes the Robotic Drilling Systems project, including collaborations with NASA and Stanford BDML.

Discovery TV filming, June 2012

Aug 23: Congrats to Seokchang on his defense on a steerable active needle for MRI interventions.

Aug 1: Check out BDML2012EndOfSummer -- details being finalized.

June 14: Lab summer kickoff

June 8: Congrats to Sanjay on his defense (dynamically tunable EAP suspensions)

June 6: Discovery Channel filming StickybotIII today.

June 4: Gait retraining research featured on NSF's Science Nation

June 1: Congrats to Alexis on his defense (perching UAVs)

April 25: Congrats to Pete on his defense (gait retraining)

Friday April 13: Sean Humbert will talk at 1pm in Peterson 126 on Principles of of Sensorimotor Control at Insect Scales

27Feb12: Joint BDML and Charm lab haptics meeting scheduled.

01Feb12: New ICRA 2012 papers forthcoming (more details soon):

  • Under-actuated hands with selectively lockable joints (Dan Aukes et al.)
  • Optically heated bendable biopsy needle for MRI interventions (Seokchang Ryu et al.)
  • Variable stiffness EAP suspension (Sanjay Dastoor et al.)
  • Region of attraction estimation for perching airplanes (Alexis Lussier-Desbiens et al.)

31Jan12: Reception honoring Mark Cutkosky as newest Fletcher Jones Professor in Engineering

Fletcher Jones Reception for Mark Cutkosky

Jan 2012: Welcome to Prof. Will Provancher who is visiting on sabbatical from U. Utah and sharing time in Allison Okamura's CHARM lab and here.

25Oct11: Stickybot on Sports Illustrated? -- StickybotIII used as a sort of icon for Stanford's prowess in the PAC10.

21Oct11: RiSE is risen! QuadraRiSE, which was originally designed to climb with claws or microspines, is now able to climb with directional adhesives.

04Oct11: Links back to the old pages (from TWiki) are now mostly working. The path is:


Note that these are now static pages and the various TWiki functions won't work.


  • Visitors from Seabed Rig = ECHORD
  • R. Wood from Harvard visiting and speaking: Bldg. 200, Room205, ~16:15

01Oct11: IROS 2011 Tours! 10:00-14:30 in the labs

22Aug11: Site back up on temporary host while rebuilding the old one.

10Jul11: New website is ready to go. We need members to populate it. You can use Main.PerchingHome as a template.

09Jul11: We have 6/6 papers at IROS 2011 (see Publications). Expect a busy late September with conference activities and visitors at the start of Fall quarter!