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Contact Info:

Email: pkarplus [sticky] gmail [bot] edu

Private.RoboSimianHand Project:

I will be working on the RoboSimian Hand project with Profiles.DanAukes. The project is a collaboration between the BDML and JPL to design an under-actuated hand for JPL's submission to the new DARPA Grand Challenge. The new DARPA Grand Challenge is for humanoid robots for disaster relief situations. The humanoid robot has to accomplish a wide range of tasks such as driving a car, turning a lever, navigating rubble, and operating power tools. More information on the challenge can be found here.


My name is Paul Karplus and I am currently a Master's student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford. I completed my Bachelor's at Stanford in 2011 in Mechanical Engineering. I decided to switch to EE for my Master's in order to become a better rounded engineer. I like both mechanical and electrical design and am excited to join the BDML for the RoboSimian Hand project.


I like to design and build things. I took last year off and worked at Mission Motors designing and building electric motors for electric cars and motorcycles. I like electric vehicles and built my own electric motorcycle that I use to get around. In addition to engineering, I like to play sports (pretty much all of them), hike, ride motorcycles, travel, and windsurf.

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