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BDML and the Stanford Radiology Dept. are looking for a talented equipment designer to help us convert an initial prototype of a multi-axis parallel-chain master-slave mechanism into an improved version that can be used in experiments with physicians.

The concept is described here:

We now need to convert from fragile 3D printed parts to sturdy plastic and composite components with better bearings, higher stiffness, etc. However, everything still has to be non-magnetic and with a minimum of metal. In addition we would like to develop a braking system and possibly a gravity counterbalancing system.

We are looking for mechanical designers who know how to design precise devices with preloaded bearings, etc.

Support is available for 2-3 quarters x 50%RA or equivalent. If interested please send email to cutkosky (at) stanford with a brief statement of your relevant experience. It will help greatly if you have read the above article and understand the design.

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