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Stickybot III

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  • High resolution photos of SBIII on glass, wood, painted metal



Mechanical concepts include foot flexures, leg linkages and tail design.

Electrical concepts include the high-speed communication bus and PCB design.

Software concepts include the distributed firmware architecture and run-time gait uploader.

Operating Instructions can be found at SB3Instructions. Gait Coding Instructions can be found at SB3GaitEncoding


Stickybot III is the third iteration of the StickyBot platform. It has four legs, each with four degrees of freedom including actuation at the wrist to expand beyond vertical-only climbing of the first platform. Each motor has a local microprocessor-based servo controller. The feet are detachable, to allow us to interchange our various climbing technologies. Stickybot III can currently climb at 5 cm/sec. The robot has a snout-vent length of 36 cm, and the tail adds an additional 40 cm.


  • Reliable platform with low down-time.
  • More freedom in motor actuation to allow new climbing research.
  • Interchangeable feet.
  • Actuation at the wrist to expand beyond vertical-only climbing.

What's New

09 Feb 2011: StickyBotIII appears in NOVA "Making Stuff: Smarter"

25 Jan 2011: Climbing with new feet and ankles: 2 MB Quicktime m4v - ElliotHawkes:

24 Aug2010: StickyBotIII and her new adhesives featured in Stanford Report, with subsequent coverage on CNN

14 Jul 2010: Several copies of AdhesiveDemonstrator made and distributed with the idea that if other adhesive technologies work on the demonstrator, they should work on StickyBotIII as well.

1 Jun 2010: After much work on new ankles, pads, etc. Stickybot-III is now climbing about as well as old StickyBot did:

There is much room for future improvements in speed and in maneuvering, taking advantage of the rotating ankles to allow motion in various directions along a wall while keeping the directional adhesive pads loaded in their preferred direction.

Video links on BDML:

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