Software Interface

Instructions for adding new behavior modules can be found under SB3AddingBehaviorModules

Detailed instructions for generating motor commands can be found here: SB3MotorCommands


StickyBotIII achieves communication between processors using a new communication bus: SB3CommBus

Mainboard Modules

There are several modules to make behavior development easier.

UART Stickybot <-> PC interface

There are two communication channels: a Bluetooth serial radio and a 3.3 level serial port broken out to a Picoblade connector. (A USB bridge is available.) SB3UARTDetails


Each module has it's own int main(void) function, which can be enabled by setting #define DEBUG These function rely on a text interface to a terminal. For the servo boards, this can be achieved using a UART interface, but as we migrate to fixed boards, only SPI will be available. Therefore, all text commands will start with DEBUG_ and by including the apprioriate header file, you can get either UART or SPI interfaces.

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