RiSE Test Leg Climbing Parameters

A climbing gait is composed of 14 parameters, defined in 4 separate groups: time-related, beta space, wing angle, and control.
See CONVENTIONS.txt for definition of crank and wing coordinate frames.

  • Time-related parameters
    • P: cycle time (seconds)
    • AttDF: attachment duty factor within one cycle (between 0 and 1)
    • StaDF: stance duty factor within one cycle (between 0 and 1)
    • DetDF: detachement duty factor within one cycle (between 0 and 1)

  • Beta space parameters (between 0 and 1) (Climbing involves CCW rotation, so negative values are used)
    • AttBetaOffset: attachment starting point relative to absolut zero point
    • AttBetaSweep: relative beta length of attachment motion
    • StaBetaSweep: relative beta length of stance motion
    • DetBetaSweep: relative beta length of detachment motion

  • Wing angle parameters (unit: degree) (see CONVENTIONS.txt clarification)
    • AttWingOffset: attachement starting wing angle relative to absolute zero angle
    • AttWingSweep: wing angle change during attachment period
    • StaWingSweep: wing angle change during stance period
    • DetWingSweep: wing angle change during detachment period

  • Control parameters
    • Kp: proportional gain
    • Kd: derivative gain


-- YongLaePark - 14 Jul 2004

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