The attached movie shows Sal's state-based voltage control scheme for climbing a tree in comparison to the "regular" RiSE control.

Sal has some slides that explain the scheme and interesting issues associated with it for a setup with a differential that connects 2 motors to 2 DOF and we could talk about them at next RiSE meeting if people would be interested. -mrc

  • The entire video is real-time.
  • For the first segment, the robot is pushed nearly to its maximum. The motors are commanded up to 15 volts during this climb.
  • For the side-by-side comparison, please ignore the relative speeds since both gaits are being driven below their maximum capabilities.
  • In the final segment, the tree is actually vertical (it is a trick of the camera that it seems to be leaning to the left.) The downward gravity vector is detected using the IMU accelerometers.


  • This presentation currently lacks explanatory text. I will add text for a more stand-alone presentation in the coming week.
  • The "Gait State Machine" slide is animated and must be viewed in slide show mode.

-- SalomonTrujillo - 13 Jul 2007

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