Salomon Trujillo
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Stanford University
Center for Design Research
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BDML Publications

  • S. Trujillo, B. Heyneman, M.R. Cutkosky, Constrained Convergent Gait Regulation for a Climbing Robot, IEEE ICRA10, Anchorage, May 2010. IEEE
  • S. Trujillo and M.R. Cutkosky, Thermally Constrained Motor Operation for a Climbing Robot, IEEE ICRA09, Kobe, Japan, May 2009. IEEE
  • S. Kim, M. Spenko, S. Trujillo, B. Heyneman, D. Santos, M.R. Cutkosky, Smooth Vertical Surface Climbing with Directional Adhesion, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol. 24, February 2008. IEEE
  • S. Kim, M. Spenko, S. Trujillo, B. Heyneman, V. Mattoli, M.R. Cutkosky, Whole body adhesion: hierarchical, directional and distributed control of adhesive forces for a climbing robot, IEEE ICRA07, Roma, Italy, April 2007. IEEE

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