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The following pictures may be copied provided that attribution of the source is provided: Mark R. Cutkosky, Stanford University Center for Design Research

Stickybot and Stickybot-III

Stickybot-III: the latest version of Gecko-inspired climbing, with 4 DOF/leg (spring 2010)

Stickybot: the original Gecko-inspired climbing robot with dry, directional adhesion (spring 2006)


Insect-inspired climbing robot with microspines (fall-winter 2004)

RiSE Platform

Insect-inspired platform from Boston Dynamics in collaboration with the RiSEConsortiumMembers (spring 2004)


Cockroach-inspired running hexapod (created January 2000)


Highly versatile cockroach-inspired running hexapods (created 2001)


Autonomous all-electric version of Sprawlita (created summer-fall 2003)

-- MarkCutkosky - 09 Jun 2006

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