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Summer Schedule and Notes

Current List of Things to Do:

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa (weight distribution) and Solidworks Model
  • Update Twiki Page
    • Wrap up old data
      • Conclusions/ Observations
      • Post some trial data
      • What parameters didn't work well
      • What parameters seem to work well
      • Work to be done

Week 1 - June 21-June 25

  • Test track data w/ accelerometer
  • Brainstorm foot ideas
  • Revise test track experiment sheet
  • Familiarize with all test track parameters
  • Propose questions on what a "good foot" is

Week 2 - June 28-July 2

  • Refine test to get key foot characteristics (w/minimal tests)
  • Analysis tools to ID what a "good foot" is
  • 2nd Generation Foot Design

Week 3 - July 5-July 9

  • Familiarization with new leg
  • Test dactyl foot with new leg
    • Analyze dactyl foot for CMU
  • Tools to ID what a "good trajectory" is
  • Work on mountable feet
    • Dana and Miguel (for the test track)
    • Ji and Alan (for toybot)
  • Help Miguel with running foot

Week 4 - July 12-July 16

  • Do Lamellae Friction tests without claws (on new leg)
    • Eliminate the degree of freedom that allows the foot to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise about the ankle
    • The claws and the rotation about the ankle yield inconsistencies in the data
    • Make sure the distance of the claw to the crank is equal to that on the CMU leg
    • Optimize trajectory parameters
      • Fz is not constant because phi is constant
      • Make Fz constant by varying phi
      • Fx and Fy are approximately the same
      • Fy should be greater than Fx (something like 3:2 ratio)
  • Do Dactyl claw tests (on new leg)
    • Unbent
    • Bent
    • Send results to CMU
  • Work on mountable feet
    • Dana and Miguel (for the test track)
    • Ji and Alan (for toybot)

Week 5 - July 19-July 23

  • Make new feet for CMU
  • Test new feet for CMU

Week 6 - July 26-July 30

Week 7 - Aug 2-Aug 6

  • Receive robot body
  • 3rd round of trajectory tests

Week 8 - Aug 9-Aug 13

  • 1st round of COMPLETE robot climbing tests

Week 9 - Aug 16-Aug 20

Week 10 - Aug 23-Aug 27

Ongoing List:

  • SDM
  • Familiarize w/ Matlab
  • Familiarize w/ CAD (Solidworks)

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