Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


Hao Jiang


I'm currently a PhD student at BDML working on gecko inspired adhesives and insect inspired micro-spines. Previous work has shown great shear adhesion performance of these technologies especially in climbing applications, and I'm interested in using them in opposed-grip configurations for grasping applications. Specifically I'm working on applying gecko adhesives to grasp and recycle space junk, as well as micro-spine technology to let UAVs perch on outdoor vertical surfaces for energy saving and better inspection view.

Stuff on grasping with gecko adhesives can be found here: AdhesiveGrasping

Stuff on perching with micro-spines can be found here: PerchingResearch

I also help a bit on the Robosimian rock climbing project: RobsimianClimbing

My first BDML project was to explore Gumstix controller for perching and flying UAVs: PerchingControllers


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