China 07 Summer Research Blog

Week 10 (Aug 26-Sep 1)

  • Technology review of flexible displays
  • Technology review of flexible batteries
  • CIS User report submitted
  • Simulation in Healthcare final draft accepted
  • Tour of Tsinghua MEMS and Microfluidics Laboratory

Week 9 (Aug 19-25)

  • Tsinghua Summer Vacation Over, Zhao Danpu & Yi Qiang back from Xi'an
  • Stanford Telecon
  • Nokia milestone report with Leon Xu and others at Nokia Research Center Beijing
  • Visit to medical robotics start up company outside Tsignhua Science Park

Week 8 (Aug 12-18)

Week 7 (Aug 5-11)

  • Matlab code for actuator demand in banded rolling joint JointForceCalcs.m:
  • contact with MIGA motor co. and Artificial Muscle Inc. discussing ultra thin actuators flatpack_animation.avi
  • install Mik Tex and Texni Center

Week 6 (July 29-Aug 4)

  • Zhao & Yi Qiang back from Xi'an for day; compiled Artificial Muscle stuff into one document, CompiledArtificialMuscleDocument.doc
  • Nokia whole group meeting--actuator sizing for clamshell joint
  • Big Sister Depart (wed eve)
  • help Xu Jiang with post-doc Search
  • SU8 intro outline and citation search
  • telecon with DanielSoto and NoeEsparza

Week 5 (July 22-28)

  • Telecon with Xi'an
  • Actuator Search--difficulty finding EPAM actuators for sale--SRI/AMI only seems to be doing large quantity applications for big companies ActuatorSearch.doc
  • Proofread two papers on THBIP II for Xiong and Prof. Chen
  • Big Sister Arrived (wed morn)

Week 4 (July 15-21)

  • Telecon with Xi'an
  • tour of Tsinghua IC Equipment Lab--very interesting work: they build precision 2 axis locating devices, and then attach a two photon laser assembly to do point by point exposure, similar to an FDM macroscale process but with points, not lines; they quoted resolution at 10nm (although there was some translation issues, and the original quote was 10mm); a few SEMs they sent me of the point by point layering process, notice undercuts are possible, but staircasing effect is present; dinosaur.tif gear.tif
  • Artificial Muscle Cell Phone Applications; ArtificialMuscleApplications.doc
  • meeting with Art Students--idea map presentation
  • robotics lab graduating students' ceremony and dinner party

Week 3 (July 8-14)

  • research on artificial muscle technologies
    • Mckibbon pnuematic actuators
    • Piezoelectric actuators (ie. PZT)
    • SRI/Artificial Muscle Inc. Electroactive Polymer actuators
    • Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
  • very brief and rushed overview document written for Tsinghua labmates: ArtificialMuscle--July12.doc:
  • Nokia team teleconference on Qq software
  • revisions for "Simulation in Healthcare" technical report article written with Dr. Kay Daniels; based on old 218D birthing simulator project; revisions complete and reviewers comments addressed, figure added, resubmitted : KayPaperRevisedJuly.doc, [[] Fig.4.jpg]]
  • Communication with Dan Soto about MERL Cleanshop issues, broken molds, SEMs, etc.
  • Second meeting with industrial design students

Week 2 (July 1-7)

  • return from Milwaukee (tuesday eve)
  • short commentary on potential facial expression and body language expression in cell phone: July6Commentary.doc:
    • main idea of robot skin comprised of touch sensors, flexible & exensible display, encapsulation in transparent silicone rubber occurs to me--possible topic in BDML
  • Nokia team meeting
  • Gave Chinglish presentation about BDML to entire lab (~25 people, 5 prof.) very well received LabIntroduction.ppt Strange enough, Will Provancher visisted this lab and gave a talk sometime 1 or 2 years ago, so some people are already familair with older StickyBot and SpinyBot work
  • Meeting with Industrial Design students discussing cell phone usage, human behavior, gesture recognition, very interesting, but mostly in chinese and difficult to understand--they have a new building, though, which is quite nice

Week 1 (June 24-30)

  • leave for Milwaukee wedding (thursday eve)
  • up to speed on project (although things here are very roughly defined)
  • some labmates leave to attend Robo Cup in Atlanta, others leave to go on 1 month social service requirement, lab is 60% full

Initial Days (June 22-24)

  • 1st meeting with Prof. Chen and other graduate students
  • robotic and automation Lab tour (
  • Introduction to Nokia Biomimetic Cell Phone and Robotic Cell Phone project
  • Nokia team meeting
  • Dinner with Prof. Liu (sub-professor in charge of Nokia team) and family
  • Initial briefing and discussion of Nokia project goals and my responsibilities and contributions
  • University Orientation

-- AaronParness - 11 Jul 2007

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