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Task Approx Dur Start Stop Notes
Leg Theory 2-3wks 07/02/03 07/30/03 4th draft of some leg theory
Adding Twiki page
Robot testing (leg effects) 2-3wks 07/08/03 07/24/10 1st round of leg testing (singles & leg pairs),
Analysis DONE
(see LegTurnNotes.doc and maxsortboth.xls)
Robot testing (slow active servo gait) 1wk 06/22/03 06/23/03 Added active servoing interface to Tern code, Movie
ADAMS (leg effects) 1-2wks 07/11/03 07/25/03 Simulations mirror 1st round leg testing
Analysis DONE
(see LegTurnNotes.doc and maxsortboth.xls)
ADAMS (slope/friciton limitations) 1-2wks 06/30/03 07/02/03 Need to summarize excel table
ADAMS (other-active servoing, periodic force) depends      
Antenna (higher level control, 2nd antenna) 2wks      
Basic STAMP for servo control 1-2wks 07/08/03 07/29/03 Spec'ing (see NxtGen)
Done, order as needed (see NxtGenLst.xls)
Wireless (2-way link to Porta-sprawl) 1-2wks 07/08/03 07/29/03 Spec'ing (see BlueTooth)
Done, order as needed (see NxtGenLst.xls)

Leg Theory
Sit down and think about the leg effects and how to achieve turns both through the use of moment analysis and some YPR intuition. Develop some hypothesis of what may be going on, and what is desirable for certain turning goals. Document thoughts and include drawings

Robot testing (leg effects)
Decide on test parameters for experiments. Test plan has already been outlined in "leg_turning.doc". Don?t forget to consider the nonlinear effects in the level selection. Try leg angle changes of ~25-30 degrees and DC changes above 20%. This will ensure at least moderate responses.

Robot testing (slow active servo gait)
Determine test strategy. May want to consider:

  • different nominal leg angles that match the slope
  • various timing techniques that depend only on particular leg or also others
  • different sweep angles => state #1 - #3, remember servo dynamics
  • start and stop values

ADAMS (leg effects)
Similar testing to that done on the robot for comparison

ADAMS (slope/friction limitations)
Increase slope and determine point of 63% (or some other value => 50%, 70%, 90%) velocity decrease (-3dB?) relative to flat, normal running. State why the cutoff point was selected. Change the friction properties and repeat. Use these results, and try to verify with robot on different slopes and ground types.

ADAMS (other-active servoing, periodic force)
Periodic force can be added using the disturbance code that was used for constant radius circular turns ("make_cockroach4_CMP_6dc_PERT.cmd").
Active servoing may have to include servo dynamics (may be tedious), or a leg angle path that is preset to be periodic (tedious, but probably not as bad as other option).

Antenna (higher level control, 2nd antenna)
Integrate path monitor in software that records antenna signals and TF values. This path monitor can be used to determine features and respond accordingly. Add a 2nd antenna and integrate its sensing into the code also. Brainstorm on scenarios for using two antenna (run down narrow hall, wall following with additional input, etc.)

Basic STAMP for servo control
Reevaluate Basic STAMP and PICs for integration onto body with servo control.

Wireless (2-way link to Porta-sprawl)
Work on a 2 way link to communicate with Porta-Sprawl. Stripped down version of the Tern code to return some basic data for display.


NxtGen - Links and notes on hardware needed for next generation of Sprawl/climbing robots

BlueTooth - Links and notes on Bluetooth (and other) products for 2-way communication in NxtGen

LithiumIon - Li+ batteries, and others

HumanClimbing - Notes from research on human climbing for Moto's McGill trip

TreysLinks - On-going list of interesting internet links

Away from lab - I will be away for the first 2 weeks of September.

TreysRHexStackNotes - Notes from my CMU visit 01/22/04-01/23/04

TWikiDarksideInstallation - TWiki setup notes for Linux on thedarkside

FootAndLegTrajectoryTestingProcedure - Notes on foot/leg testing with the RHex stack

Testing line

-- AMcClung? - 15 Jun 2004

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