Quick Reference Guide to Unigraphics!

Useful Files:

Planar Mill Operations:


   1. Enter the name first, and then diameter of the mill bit you'll use, e.g. 25.4/16 for a 1/16" bit. (see Tool Table).

   2. Under "Geometry", click on the left-most button named Part and then click on Select below it. (a) If you have a single depth, click on just the top surface of your part (top surface of the wax block). (b) If you have multiple depths, choose the top of the wax block and every lower surface including the bottom surface of your part and any "islands" and then exit.

   3. Again, under ‘Geometry’, click on the right-most button named Floor and then click on Select below it. Click on your bottom-most deepest surface (face) of your part and then exit.

   4. Enter the feed rate here. This can be found in the Tool Table.

   5. In Method, set the Initial Engage, Internal Engage, Final Retract, and Internal Retract all to 'Tool Axis'. This forces the tool to come straight down instead of a much slower spiral approach.

   6. In Cutting, change the "Cut Order" to "Depth First" instead of "Level First".

   7. In Cut Depths, you set how deep you want the mill to go on each pass (the numbers are found in the Tool Table). Set the Initial, Maximum to the number in the table, you can leave Final and Minimum at 0.

   8. In Avoidance, set the Clearance Plane to 10mm so the mill moves back and forth high above the surface of the wax block. Click on: "Avoidance" -> "Clearance Plane" -> "Specify". Type "10" in the box and click OK. Then, you should ALWAYS click on 'Display' in this sub-window to display the clearance plane--it will display a triangle which you should verify is the appropriate distance above the wax block.

   9. Finally, you click the "Generate" button to make the new toolpath.

-- AlanAsbeck - 21 Jun 2008

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