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XYZ Adhesion Testing 2

Test Setup

  • 3-axis XYZ stage.
  • Control loop at 1kHz embedded on Microchip PIC18F4431?
  • Control done using trajectory files with waypoints and linear interpolation
  • Sampling force plate at 1kHz.
    • Data filtered at 10 Hz using 3rd order Butterworth filter
  • Sampling position data at 500Hz
  • Fixed bug with missing encoder ticks

Experiment #1

Explore pulloff forces as a function of different pulloff angles.


  • Preload along 45 degree approach angle to a specified depth in Z (400um, 500um, 600um)
  • Pulloff at specified angle defined by:
    • +Z is the contact normal, +Y is aligned against the "direction of curvature" of the samples, +X to enforce right-handedness
    • Begin with vector, V, aligned along +Z-axis
    • Rotate V about +X-axis by angle Theta, between 0 and 90 (and 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120) degrees in 15 degree increments
    • Rotate V about +Z-axis by angle Phi, between 0 and 345 degrees in 15 degree increments
    • Pull-off along vector V
  • Pulloff measured by finding maximum value of V-dot-F in sampled force data


  • Sample - Directional Adhesive Pad, #4A
  • Substrate - Glass


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