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References, links

Creating new OtherStickyRobotRefs? pages -- various "sticky robots" created elsewhere

Adhesion Testing

AdhesionTesting -- page created to collect notes, results, test setup information for adhesion tests for RiSE platform 06Dec05.


Combined adhesion and friction of soft elastomeric materials has been addressed by a number of researchers over the years including K.L. Johnson. Some links:

Somewhat related also are the Gao and Yao adhesion papers? studied in ME393, 02Nov05.

Different, but interesting link to micro adhesive bonding

Email with link to physics texts on adhesion -- link seems out of date...

Sticky system model(Pinciple of adhesion structure) by Sangbae Kim

Sticky system model presentation file

- Defining Sticky element and sticky structure, it explains and simulates maximum sticky force according to stiffness of structure, roughness of surface and engaging force.. etc. Also, there is application of the model which is 'claw design'.

Sticky element

The smaller sticky element that composes upper scale sticky system. The sticky element produces force in the opposite direction of the force acting on the element (especially detaching force) like static friction force

Sticky structure

The structure that configures sticky element to generate optimized sticky force. In other words, the structure that delivers force from the sticky element to upper scale structure. There are two different type of sticky structure. One is discrete structure, the other is continues one.

Sticky force

Minimum external force that detaches sticky element or system

Sticky model

  • Stickymodel.JPG:

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