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May 08 Wall climbing robots in IEEE Spectrum
Apr 08 Stickybot, Sangbae, Cutkosky on CNET News
Apr 08 Stickybot and other bio-inspired achievements featured in April 2008 National Geographic
24 Mar 08 Biomimetics: Cutkosky interview on PRI Fair Game (MP3 podcast)
23 Mar 08 New York Daily News on Stickybot
Nov 07 Microfabricated adhesive wedges arrays demonstrate directional adhesion that does not diminish with sliding or with many thousands of attach/detach cycles
7-9 Aug 07 StickyBot and SbTwo performed extensively at DarpaTech
14 Apr 2007 Stanford RiSE papers awarded Best Student Paper + finalists in 2 other categories at IEEE ICRA07
05 Jan 2007 Sangbae Kim and StickyBot on "Geek Beat" for Wired Science
07 Nov 2006 Stickybot featured in Time Magazine, "Best Inventions 2006"
04 Sep 2006 Stickybot and Sprawlita featured in Forbes Magazine article on "Seven robots that will change your life"
20 May 2006 StickyBot featured briefly on NewScientistTech, which has triggered a bunch of other short blurbs on Slashdot, Engadget, i4u etc.
17 May 2006 SpinyBot takes the IEEE ICRA 2006 Best Video award and is mentioned briefly in a Popular Mechanics article on the (Animal) Robotic Kingdom featuring a short interview with Paolo Dario. Somehow, the RisePlatform gets renamed "SpinybotII" ...
1 May 2006 iSprawl and Spinybot featured on DiscoveryChannel.ca
April 5 2006 The RisePlatform climbed many surfaces at the Southwestern Research Institute (SWRI) in San Antonio using the latest spiny feet and a new force control algorithm from our RiSEConsortiumMembers.
March 25 2006 StickyBot is now climbing vertical glass, plexiglass and ceramic tile surfaces using dry adhesion. More as we start to make details public.
Jan 2006 Spinybot and iSprawl filmed for Austrian and German TV -- to appear this summer
5 August 2005 Spinybot II featured on Discovery Channel News
28 July 2005 Spinybot II featured on ABC Channel 7 News in short piece about patenting at Stanford. (Download Quicktime clip)
20 July 2005 SpinybotII: Climbing Hard Walls with Compliant Microspines (pdf), presented at ICAR 2005
10 June 2005 Scaling Hard Vertical Surfaces with Compliant Microspine Arrays (pdf) presented at Robotics Science and Systems,
January 2005 Microspine Wall-Climbing Robot, Provisional Patent 04-317 filed, Stanford Office of Technology Licensing

Older stuff:

  • Numerous articles and citations on the Sprawl media pages
  • Tuesday, August 27, 2002: Nano Apex article on cockroach robots featuring the paper with Ronald Xiu, Wendy Cheng, et al. on SDM for Biomimetic Design

-- MarkCutkosky - 09 Aug 2005

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