Videos and Media for Bio-Inspired Robots

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SpinyBot and StickyBot movies

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Media Appearances & Outreach:


Title Size (MB) Date Description
"Tra Possibile e Immaginario" Festival delle Scienze 2010, Rome 15 Jan 10 Cutkosky & Bio-inspired robots in session on Uomini, robot ed altre strane creature
Weird Connections on gecko adhesion 29 Sept. 08 Short Science Channel video including Kellar Autumn, Mark Cutkosky, Stickybot, etc.
Wall climbing robots in IEEE Spectrum 21 May 08 Short article on wall climbing robots at ICRA 2008, including Stickybot
Stickybot on CNET TV 1 April 08 Short interview in the lab with Sangbae, Mark and Stickybot
Stickybot on ABC Good Morning America 26 Mar 2008 Videoclip 75 MB
Biomimetics podcast 24 Mar 2008 Cutkosky interview on PRI Fair Game
Stickybot April 2008 Article on Biomimetics in National Geographic
Stickybot 7 Nov. 2006 BEST inventions in 2006 TIME Magazine
Sangbae Kim 17 Nov. 2006 Korean newspaper Joongang
Stickybot 5 Sept. 2006 Article & photos in Forbes Magazine


Title Size (MB) Date Description 56 5 April 2006 Demonstration of climbing concrete library without safety line
RiSE at SWRI 7.2 6 April 2006 excerpts from endurance test on library at Southwestern Research Inst., San Antonio
BIODYNOTICS Runaway 9 March 2006 A not-too-serious look at RiSE from
Carpet Climb 5.5 Jul 2005 The RiSE platform climbing a carpeted wall
Climbing Plexiglass 8.3 Jun 2005 RiSE climbing a 45 degree plexiglass surface
Running Feet 21 Apr 2005 The RiSE platform on flat ground
Up Two Surfaces 20 Feb 2005 The RiSE platform climbs two different surfaces at an angle
Running 5.5 Feb 2005 The RiSE platform runs on flat ground
RiSE Rises 8.7 Apr 2004 RiSE's first steps


Title Size (MB) Date Description
SpinyBotII Picture 1.0 Aug 2005 Picture of SpinyBotII
Pictures of SpinybotII   Nov 2005 Lots of pictures of SpinybotII
SpinyBotI 5.2 Aug 2004 SpinyBotI climbs a wall
Rise.SpinyBotII 51 Nov 2004 Video showcasing SpinyBotII's talents
Tech Review   Apr 2005 SpinyBotII in MIT's Technology Review magazine
ABC News   Jul 2005 SpinyBotII on ABC News
Discovery Channel   Aug 2005 SpinyBotII on the Discovery Channel   Aug 2005 SpinyBotII on


Title Size (MB) Date Description
iSprawl and Spinybot   1 May 2006 Featured on Dailey Planet
iSprawl 3.0 Jun 2004 iSprawl outside
iSprawl v3 High Speed 8.8 Jun 2004 High-speed video of iSprawl
iSprawl Simulation 1.0 Feb 2005 iSprawl is simulated in ADAMS
PICK older Sprawl media at Biomimetics site

Adhesives and Spines for Climbing

Title Size (MB) Date Description
Geckoman episode on Prototype This 19 March 2009 AaronParness helps to create a climbing gecko suit

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