List of papers I've bookmarked since June 2007 (I should have done this a long time ago.) -- SalomonTrujillo - 29 Jun 2007

Legged Locomotion

  • MH Raibert, Legged Robots That Balance, 1986 Google Books
  • G Haynes, A Rizzi, Gait Regulation and Feedback on a Robotic Climbing Hexapod, Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems, August, 2006 CMU Pub PDF
  • AJ Ijspeert, J Nakanishi, S Schaal, Movement imitation with nonlinear dynamical systems in humanoid robots, ICRA 2002 IEEE Xplore
  • AJ Ijspeert, A Crespi, D Ryczko, From swimming to walking with a salamander robot driven by a spinal cord model, Science 2007? PDF
  • R Ringrose, Self-stabilizing running, ICRA, 1997 IEEE Xplore
  • Zhang, Z.G. Fukuoka, Y. Kimura, H., Adaptive Running of a Quadruped Robot Using Delayed Feedback Control, ICRA 2005, IEEE Xplore
  • P Holmes, RJ Full, D Koditschek, J Guckenheimer, The Dynamics of Legged Locomotion: Models, Analyses, and Challenges, 2006 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 207304 PDF

Kinematics and Dynamics

  • Xiang-Rong Xu, A new dynamic formulation for robot manipulators containing closed kinematic chains, 1999 PDF
  • M Lesser, A Geometrical Interpretation of Kane's Equations, 1992 PDF

Controls and Optimization

  • Ho, H.T., Fast servo bang-bang seek control, 1997 IEEE Xplore PDF
  • Drainkov D, Hellendoorn H, Reinfrank M, An Introduction to Fuzzy Control, 1993; Terman: TJ217.5 D75
  • RS Sutton, AG Barto, RJ Williams, Reinforcement learning is direct adaptive optimal control, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 1992 PS
  • CW Anderson, Learning to control an inverted pendulum using neural networks, Control Systems Magazine, IEEE, 1989 IEEE Xplore
  • G Niemeyer, J-JE Slotine, Using wave variables for system analysis and robot control, ICRA 1997, IEEE Xplore
  • RW Brockett, On the computer control of movement, ICRA 1988, IEEE Xplore
  • M Guilbert, PB Wieber, L Joly Optimal Trajectory Generation for Manipulator Robots under Thermal Constraints, 2006 IEEE/RSJ IEEE Xplore
  • Boyd and Vandenberghe Convex Optimization, Cambridge University Press, Webpage
  • RW Brockett, Hybrid Models for Motion Control Systems, Essays on Control: Perspectives in the Rheory and its Application (Terman: QA402.3 E87 1993)
  • D Whitney, Historical perspective and state of the art in robot force control, ICRA 1985, IEEE Xplore
  • M Landry, Dynamics of an Inverted Pendulum with Delayed Feedback Control, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 2005 PDF


  • Leonhard, Werner; Control of Electrical Drives, 2001 3rd ed. (Terman: TK4058.L4313 2001) Google Books
  • Maxon Motor Data PDF
  • D Agans, Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems, Book
  • A Bonnett and C Young, Explaining Motor Failure, Electrical Construction & Maintenance, Oct 1, 2004 WWW


  • Williams, D., Khatib, O., The virtual linkage: a model for internal forces in multi-grasp manipulation, 1993 IEEE Xplore PDF


  • Everett, H.R. Sensors for Mobile Robots: Theory and Application, 1995; Terman TJ211.415.E83
  • Ferrel, C.L. An Autonomous Mobile Robot, a Planetary Microrover, Sensors - The Journal of Applied Sensing Technology, 11:2, 37--47
  • Lewinger, W.A. Harley, C.M. Ritzmann, R.E. Branicky, M.S. Quinn, R.D. Insect-like Antennal Sensing for Climbing and Tunneling Behavior in a Biologically-inspired Mobile Robot, ICRA 2005, IEEE Xplore
  • Russell, R.A. Using tactile whiskers to measure surface contours, ICRA 1992, IEEE Xplore
  • Kaneko, M. Active Antenna, ICRA 1994, IEEE Xplore


  • RM Voyles, JD Morrow, PK Khosla, Shape from Motion Approach to Rapid and Precise Force/Torque Sensor Calibration, 1995 PDF
  • Hirose S, Yoneda K, Development of optical six-axial force sensor and its signal calibration considering nonlinear interference, ICRA 1990 IEEE Xplore PDF
  • A Rauf, J Ryu, Fully autonomous calibration of parallel manipulators by imposing position constraint, ICRA 2001 IEEE Xplore
  • N Roy, S Thrun, Online self-calibration for mobile robots, ICRA 1999, IEEE Xplore
  • M Donghai, JM Hollerbach, X Yangming, Gravity based autonomous calibration for robot manipulators, ICRA 1994, IEEE Xplore


  • CP Robert, G Casella, Monte Carlo Statistical Methods, 2004 Google Books
  • Kawashima H, Matsuyama T, Multi-viewpoint gesture recognition by an integrated continuous state machine, Systems and Computers in Japan, Vol 34, Iss 14, Pg 1-12 Wiley InterScience

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