A module attaches a safety line to the wall, and then a mechanism "catches" the bot, should it fall.

One implementation idea uses Superglue to attach to the wall (takeoff on the superglue foot), and then a centrifugal clutch to catch the bot when it falls. Another mechanism would tension the safety line so that it rewinds as the bot falls.

The stopping problem is bounded by these variables:

  • S: Strength of superglue connection (Max deceleration-until we start damaging the bot)
  • W: Weight of bot (With load)
  • X: Distance Fallen (Max safe distance to fall)
  • Y: Stopping distance (Necessary give in the mechanism)

then gWX/F=Y where g is 9.81 m/s^2 and F is the deceleration. I should probably double check this result tho.

The reason this isn't a totally frivolous idea is that it would increase the capabilities of StickyBot and RiSE. smile

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