Biomimetics Meeting Notes - 27 May 2004

RiSE Priorities

1. Toybot/Testbot/Modelbot Platform without claws (Sangbae / Yong Le / Moto)

  • Demonstration - show it stick to a smooth surface
  • Is it necessary to have continuous shear motion?
  • What is possible? Utilize 10A or 35A as stand in for adhesive.
    • June 18th: First ideas
    • June 25th: Demo

2. New (dry) sticky feet that will work with the toybot/testbot/modelbot (not pressure sensitive adhesive)
Molding and Fabrication (Moto / Sangbae / Yong Le / ??)

3. Continue regular RiSE foot development. (Miguel / Will)

  • Get compliances and geometries right
  • Use what we know!
    • HAAS + 2 Weeks = July 1st

4. Testing on track including high friction materials (Alan / Yong Le / Trey / Ji / Dana)

  • Goal: see how high a coefficient of friction can be attained
    • June 20

5) Modeling and Simulation (Dan / Jonathan K.)

  • Goal: get to a point that we can determine what compliances in different DOF are optimal.
  • Some analytic modeling will be useful here...

-- JonathanKarpick - 27 May 2004

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