John Ulmen, ME Grad Student

Current Work

componentsthumb.jpg Frequency Mode Capacitive Sensor Array for Robot Skin
-- JohnUlmen - 06 Aug 2008

fsrthumb.jpg Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) Skin
-- JohnUlmen - 06 Aug 2008

Useful Links

_Cadence PCB Tutorial_ CadencePCBTutorial

_Group Presentation Schedule_ GroupPresentation

_Kelvin 4-wire Resistance Measurement_ All About Circuits

_Flex Circuits_ Minco Flex Circuit Design Kit, Minco Flex Site, Cirexx Flex Site, Uniflex Flex Site --Recommended by Tarm

_Conductive "Rubber"_ Wacker Elastosil R 570, Wacker Elastosil LR 3162, Wacker Elastosil R Plus 573

_Force Sensing Resistors_ FSR's etc.

Conductive Polymer/Glue

Samson and I are setting up tests to determine the modulus of conductive polymers and glues. This is accomplished via a cantilever beam flexure test. The cantilever CAD files are attached below. Hopefully we will be able to create a useful database of material properties for use in the future, especially on human safe robot skin design. (04/08/08)

_Related Files_

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