-- MicheleLanzetta? - 22 Jul 2004

I wanted to assess the minimum size of features that can be obtained using the Hard Urethane (72DC and Quick Cast) we have.

The Urethane as additives to increase hardness. I cast in wax in all cases. Moulds are conformed manually.

First I used a cutter to make large cones.

  • Up to 5 mm height
  • 30-40 degress half vertex cone angle
The vacuum pump was not available (rpl moving) so we have air bubbles at the tip, i.e. missing tip.


Then I made thinner cones inserting pins in wax with an angle of about 30 degrees with respect to the vertical (the "optimal" hooking angle).

With the Quick Cast we can have very thin features (see left), down to 200 micron (the original size of the pins used).



In all cases, also using intensely the vacuum pump, it is very difficult to fill the thin space of spines, due to the resin viscosity, so they are hollow and break very easily.

They can be used as pin supports.

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