Materials for Spines and Microspines

  • TAP Cab-O-Sil
  • TAP Chopped Fiberglass
  • TAP Microspheres
  • TAP Talc Nicron 400
Resin additives from Tap Plastics (

Use Cab-O-Sil or Visco-Fill to thicken, Microspheres to reduce weight, Talc for low cost, and Glass Fibers for reinforcements. More non-too-technical information in TapPlasticsFillers.pdf.

Couples of polarized cylindrical magnets

  • 6 mm dia. x 32 mm height
  • 60 mm dia. x 6 mm height
From the physics shop. Many shapes available.

  • 0.1 x 1.1 mm Item # 26002-10
  • 0.2 x 1.3 mm Item # 26002-20
Stainless steel PINS with 1 sharp end. From Fine Science Tools ( 0.15 mm diameter available. Claimed to be 10 mm long. 25$/box of 500.

  • Steel wood of three different sizes (for cleaning pots and pans)
Can be cut in short pieces. Very sharp: USE GLOVES when handling.

  • Assorted cheap commercial pins, and needles of various size

Available pins can be very easily curved. Needles are very fragile.

  • Three free samples of chopped Fibers from Bekaert. Diameters 4 and 20-40 mu. Ferromagnetic stainless steel

The larger ones come as rope chunks and are resin coated. They can be separated with Acetone. Technical info on materials, formats and manufacturing method @ ==> Products ==> Metal fibers. Cost about 30$/lb. Min order 55lb. Can be lower for Labs. Official contact:

Bekaert Fibre Technologies 12 T.W. Alexander Drive P.O. Box 13159 Research Triangle Park, NC North-Carolina 27709-3159 United States Tel: +1 919 485 8995 Fax: +1 919 485 8993 E-mail:

Our contact (June 04): Doug Watson - 770 - 335 2294

  • Personal hair (wide variety available)!

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