Research meeting times

Spring 2010

Alexis, Barrett, Dan, Kim, Noe, Paul, Pete, Sal, Samson, Sanjay, Santhi, Seokchang

Also check Mark's calendar

  • (open) = available for research student regular signup
  • drop-in = reserved for open office hours

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:15-10:00 (open) SeokchangRyu SamsonPhan KristenLurie
10:00-10:45 DanAukes Haptics ME393 Zman
11:00-11:45 Santhi ME310 Fac Mtg ME310
13:00-13:45 JohnUlmen ME310 PeteShull ME310
13:45-14:30 BarrettHeyneman ME310 SanjayDastoor ME310
14:30-15:15 DanielSoto ME310 SalomonTrujillo ME310
15:15-16:00 drop-in ME310 NoeEsparza ME310
16:00-16:45 drop-in ME310 AlexisLD ME310
16:45 - 17:30 drop-in drop-in PaulDay drop-in

-- MarkCutkosky - 11 Jan 2010

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