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ME393 Seminar on Bio-inspired and Human-Interactive Robotics

This seminar is run most quarters, depending on faculty availability, and covers a different theme each quarter. We select current and "classic" papers on the theme and discuss one or two papers each week. Students who have registered for one unit (pass/no credit) are required to lead the discussion at least once during the quarter. Preparation for discussion leaders involves reading the paper carefully, meeting with the instructor before class, and planning how to present the topic.

Fall 2010

  • Location: CDR Bldg. 560 lobby
  • Course materials will be posted on CourseWork site.
  • Proposed Theme for Fall 2010: Hybrid Aerial/Surface Robotics (flying, perching, jumping...)

For future weeks:

Week2: Flying squirrels and colugos

Some additional links (beyond the 2 papers in courswork)

Spring 2010

Winter 2010

Unless somebody else (Ken Waldron?) can lead the course, ME393 will not be offered during winter 2010.

Fall 2009, Theme: Sensor-mediated manipulation primitives

While waiting for coursework site to be set up:

Week 1: (Angelo and Samson) -- A look at the octopus as an interesting approach to the control of (highly sophisticated) arms for reaching and grasping actions, using a sensing and control system that is very different from the vertebrate model.
Some interesting papers:

Other links:

Should be some good videos too...

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