Bone Structure Design

The Team:

Current Work:

Geometric design

  • What shape or overall layout?
  • Skin, Actuators, Bone, Control Valves
  • CAD

Achieve desired strength and stiffness with minimal inertia

  • Investigate carbon fiber tubes and shapes
  • Optimize shape, considering reinforcing arms with a mesh?
  • Consider process plan for variety of materials and methods

-- BrianHachtmann? - 30 Jan 2008

Meeting with Dongjun (Jan 30, 2008)

Discussed potential sub-topics to focus on

  • Adapter to compensate for slight differences in McKibben actuator lengths (Laurel will be focusing on this)
  • Improving/lightening gears in elbow joint (Dan will be focusing on this)
  • Sensors for measuring arm forces or joint torques, where and how (John will be focusing on this)
  • Smart means of fabricating arm structure (built-in air tubes? Use mass manufactured carbon fiber cylinder?)
  • Connections at joints for pneumatic system
-- LaurelFullerton - 31 Jan 2008

Bill of Materials for current version of the arm (07 Jul 2008)

  • BOM_ver300.xls: Bill of materials for the arm (mechanical, valves, electrical, etc) as of July 7, 2008

--Main.BarrettHeyneman - 07 Jul 2008

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