Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


A typical design review in the loft


Research Activities

  • Flying, Climbing and Running robots
  • Haptics and the perception of friction and texture
  • Dexterous Manipulation and Telemanipulation.


Other recent courses

  • ME393 Seminar, Bio-inspired and Human-Interactive Robotics
  • ME112 Mechanical Systems Design.
  • ME21n Renaissance Machine Design freshman seminar.

Embrace the wall with microspines!


  • sometimes manage to get out in the Jensen-Healey
  • more stuff on Mark's BDML wiki page.

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 Mark R. Cutkosky
 Fletcher Jones Professor
 Department of Mechanical Engineering
 Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-4021
 Phone: (650) 450-0589; FAX: (650) 723-3521; Email: cutkosky (at)
 Office: Peterson Engineering Design Bldg. 550, room 121
 Lab: MERL Bldg. 660, room 132
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