Summer 2016 Kickoff

Went to Portola Redwoods. Ate food, made plans...


took a hike and pictures [by MichaelLin and MicheleLanzetta's family].

Planning for the 2014 Summer Kickoff

  • Date: Friday 27 June
  • Time: Meet at lab at 08:45. Plan to return to campus by approximately 16:30
  • Location: Somewhere on the SF peninsula ==> Sam McDonald Park
  • Attendees: (are you coming & can you drive people?)
    • Matt (can drive & actively recruiting passengers for the Cool Car)
    • Natalie (Cool Car passenger 1)
    • Arul (Cool Car passenger 2)
    • Mark - I can probably take an (Uncool) car = 3 people + self + supplies
    • Julien (Can't drive)
    • Eric (can drive 4 people)
    • Mark Cuson


  • We could try for beach, with a cloud/fog backup plan. In previous years we did (Pomponio or Pescadero). If it's foggy, the closest sheltered retreat is Butano State Park, which is just a few miles inland from Route 1.

Other options: Portola Redwoods if it hasn't be closed yet). Sam MacDonald and San Mateo County Park as mentioned on the older retreats page are other options.

To get in the mood have a look at some previous summer kickoff materials:


Markers(10-20ish) - MRC: I found about 8 markers and a large pad of paper that we can use. I will try to remember to bring in a roll of blue masking tape to go with the papers. I guess we might still need a few more markers. Maybe some thumbtacks?

Things to get at Costco or...

Food stuff

  • BIG package of Burgers (20ish)
  • Veggie burgers (not as many)
  • Buns
  • Sausage
  • Chicken legs / breast
  • Condiments
    • bbq sauce
    • ketchup --DONT BUY WE HAVE A BUNCH
    • cheddar cheese
    • mustard
    • mayo
    • pickles
    • onion
    • tomato
    • lettuce
  • Sides
    • Fruit (plate, perhaps with berries? but definitely watermelon)
    • veggie plate(with dressing)
    • grillable vegetables
      • zucchini
      • sweet potatoes
      • more onion
      • corn (a must have)
  • cookies
  • Chips
    • bbq
    • nacho / jalapeno / cheetos
    • tortilla(get the 5lb bag)
  • Salsa(Big)
  • Drinks
    • flat of sodas / juice or both
    • flat of water(unless we have one in the conference room)
  • charcoal / lighter fluid / lighter
  • Utensils (but no napkins no plates no cups)
  • Ice


  • Kubb (ref: Natalie
  • Cornhole
  • Cards - Mark Cuson
  • Croquet
  • Soccer ball (if beach/grassy park) - Bobby
  • Spike Ball - Bobby
  • Frisbee - Mark Cuson
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