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Robotic Drilling Systems

Building upon a previous collaboration with Seabed Rig AS, we will be collaborating with Robotic Drilling Systems (RDS), AS to develop "contact event detection" sensing for a new, automated oil drilling system. Important contact events include undesirable slippage between a gripper and a large object (e.g. a pipe) that is being manipulated.

The main results of the project with Stanford are captured in this publication: Wu, X.A., Burkhard, N., Heynemann, B., Valen, R., and Cutkosky, M.R. "Contact Event Detection for Robotic Oil Drilling," IEEE/ICRA 2014, June 2014.

Project notes are in the RDS web (private).


4 Sept 2012: The robotic drilling project and collaborations with NASA and Stanford BDML were picked up in the news. The article mentions a three-fingered hand from Stanford, which may be a reference to the previous Seabed Rig project.

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