What Who When Notes
Poster Tiffany July 16  
Physical wall surfaces (M18) Trey & Moto July 23  
-gecko, crabs, bugs, snakes, human, rodents, cats -> presentation
Kevin, Dan Aug 1  
Foot design exploration Kevin, Will, Dan Aug 1  
Leg design exploration Jonathan, Dan, SangBae, Adam Aug 1  
Wall Sprawl      

Ideas to try

  • claws
  • sticky (dry, wet)
  • mechanisms/strategies (drag, retractable, self-cleaning, reversible wrist, preload)
    • surface dependent
  • wings
  • friction
  • corners

Other Notes
Foot brainstorm (Will, Jonathan, Sean, Kevin, ??)

  • July 15 @1PM

Scenario brainstorm #2

  • July 22@1PM
  • Moto will organize

Tiffany will present findings and Twiki page next week

  • last day July 16

-- AMcClung? - 09 Jul 2003

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