Servo Board

Qty Description Part Number Supplier Datasheet
1 Microcontroller PIC24F04KA200-I/ST Microchip Direct Datasheet
1 RS-485 TX-RX ISL3179EIUZ-ND Digi-Key Datasheet
1 RS-485 RX ISL3284EIHZ-TCT-ND Digi-Key Datasheet
1 H-Bridge SI9986DY-T1-E3CT-ND Digi-Key Datasheet
2 Flyback Diodes 771-BAT120S115 Mouser Datasheet
3 2-pin Socket WM7620CT-ND Digi-Key Datasheet
    538-53261-0271 Mouser  
2 3-pin Socket WM7621CT-ND Digi-Key  
    538-53261-0371 Mouser  
2 4-pin Socket WM7622CT-ND Digi-Key  
    538-53261-0471 Mouser  
1 5-pin Socket WM7623CT-ND Digi-Key  
    538-53261-0571 Mouser  
    59J0237 Newark  

Wire Connectors

Description Part Number Supplier Datasheet
2-pin Plug 538-51021-0200 Mouser Datasheet
3-pin Plug 538-51021-0300 Mouser  
4-pin Plug 538-51021-0400 Mouser  
5-pin Plug 538-51021-0500 Mouser  
Plug crimps 538-50058-8000 Mouser  
  WM1775-ND Digi-Key  

-- SalomonTrujillo - 28 Jul 2009

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