-- JonathanKarpick - 21 Oct 2004


-- JonathanKarpick - 14 Sep 2004

Thoughts on LegCompliance

-- JonathanKarpick - 07 Sep 2004

Uploaded updated MATLAB files (RiSECompliance07sep04.zip). README.txt in the .zip file includes brief description of the other files in the package

Changes include adjustments to transformations so that the ankle does not have to be co-incident with the ground contact and that the ankle compliance is described with respect to a modified foot coordinate system whose z-axis is parallel to the ground plane's z-axis. Also added in the leg spring.

I will shortly be running a few batches of compliance calculations for a couple of stances with a couple of leg-spring stiffnesses, mostly to get a visual of what is happening...

-- JonathanKarpick - 23 Aug 2004

Notes for 23 Aug 04 Telecon are attached:

OLD MATLAB files attached:

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