-- JonathanKarpick - 13 Jun 2005

Adding some Matlab files that deal with compliance:

Some other random stuff about hopping:

-- JonathanKarpick - 01 Sep 2004

Thoughts on LegCompliance
  • Utility of Leg Compliance
    • Running
      • SLIP
    • Climbing
      • Looking for template...
      • Attachment/Detachment requires stiffness
      • Maintaining contact requires compliance
      • Can think about it in conjunction with trajectory design (compliant mechanism kinematics)
  • Tools
    • Arachi - good for forward, iterative simulations (but slow...)
    • Simplified MATLAB model - could be good for quick forward iterative simulations and possible backward analysis.
      • backward = a more analytical look at things - something akin to return maps... A good possibility is some sort of statistical analysis dealing with probabilities of attachment/adhesion, but that would come later...
      • Currently depicts ellipsoids representing compliance or stiffness at contact and resultant stiffness at CG.
      • Major question is how to determine what compliance/stiffness is required. What forces and contact characteristics are needed obviously factors in.
  • Alan has a great presentation of his work on SpinyBot - thoughts on axial and normal forces required for climbing given multiple compliant hooks (toes) on a foot.
    • Role of a Stiffening Spring? Actually, role of non-linear springs in general...
      • nice = compliant for attachment, then stiff for climbing.

-- JonathanKarpick - 13 Sep 2004

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