-- MicheleLanzetta? - 21 Aug 2004

Benefits of Led based lighting

A great number of Led based electronics devices (pocket torches, torches embedded on cell phones/two-way radios, bike blinking lights etc.) is now on the market for the increasing performance of coloured Leds. Benefits for our project include:

  • lower consumption with respect to standard bulbs
  • selectable wave length

Features of bright leds from Fry's

2.5 $/ea. - Manufacturer: Coast(TM) - Intensity 10,000 mcd - Directivity: 15 degrees - IF: 30 mA - IFP: 100 mA - VR: 5 V - Life: 100,000 h - PD: 120 mW
Wave length [nm]: 470 - 600 (white) - 470 (blue) - 520 (green) - 620 (red).
I have measured a tension drop of 2.2 V. I use them @ 80 mA (resistor of 68 Ohm, gold black gray blue, and power supply 7.3 V).
Negative pole is on the shorter leg, where the resistor is soldered.
White tape is added to diffuse lighting from top.

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