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32AWG 0.025" pitch ribbon cable for JST connectors
(Note that JST actually uses single twisted wire conductors, but these tend to be more bulky and get tangled)
I found these at Electronics Surplus Inc.
Manufacturers Part # F3207S-100-025-81

JST connector handling instructions

SSR-HanMan.pdf - Really detailed handling instructions for SSR connectors.

SURHanMan.pdf - Same for SUR...

After playing with connector samples from JST I've decided to go with the 1.0mm pitch, 3&4pin SSR connectors/headers. (SSR datasheet) -- WillP? - 09 Sep 2004

SSR connector part numbers ESSRi.gif

  • for the strain gauge cable (3 pin connector)
    • connector/receptacle
      • 03SSR-32H
    • shrouded header
      • SM03B? -SSR-H-TB

  • for the accelerometer (4 pin connector)
    • connector/receptacle
      • 04SSR-32H
    • shrouded header
      • SM04B? -SSR-H-TB

Connector Evaluation Notes

The samples I compared were the 0.8mm, 4 pin SUR style and the 1.0mm, 3&4pin SSR.

  • Both have right angle headers, so the inline connectors come off parallel to the board to make low-profile connections.
  • Both connectors work fine and kind of "click" into their respective shrouded header for a semi-positively gripping connection.
  • Both use 32AWG cable, though I was able to make decent connections with some of the 30AWG, 0.025" ribbon cable I left over from SAMTEC.
    • My cable assembly technique was to jam in the connections with a small jewelers flathead screwdriver.

  • Connections with both worked well and had no problems with wires pulling out of the connector while demating the connector by pulling on the cables to get the connector out of the header

What I decided

  • In the end I like the 1mm connectors better because they are easier to handle. Furthermore they come in both 3 and 4 pin versions, so it will be clear where the strain gauges get connected (the 3 pin) as oppossed to the 4 pin connector for the accelerometer and misc analog input.

Previous thoughts about connectors for LSAN

In considering connector options for the LSAN (Leg Sensing and Actuation Node), initially I considered using a 10 pin connector from SAMTEC (0.050" pitch, FFSD-05-N style connector with an ejector style header EHF-105 with locking header cap, ECF-05) to make connections to the two strain bridges and accelerometer that were proposed to be used with the initial version of the LSAN.

However, it seems more practical to make separate connections to each of the strain bridges and accelerometer, so we are now considering 3 and 4 pin connectors for these connections. This is for maintainability concerns. The main concern is having a small connector and secondarily whether it should have a locking header. I'm currently considering connectors from JST (PA style 2mm pitch, locking, 3 or 4 pin & SUR style, 0.8mm pitch, non-locking, 4 pin connector). (SUR datasheet)* SUR.gif

I believe that Don Campbell (BDI) may have other options for small locking 3 or 4 pin connectors.

Don has been using Hirose 2mm pitch DF11 series ( DF11 Connector, & Datasheet) which has a pseudo-locking feature that according to Don works moderately well.

I also looked at some other 2mm locking connectors from JST (PA style), but they take up a lot of realestate. PAp.gif

-- WillP? - 02 Sep 2004

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