Information about FSRs (Force Sensing Resistors)

The two main suppliers of FSRs are Tekscan (Flexiforce) and Interlink FSRs

A comparison between the FSRs from these two manufacturers can be found at this site. I've also included a PDF of this site, incase the content changes. Though these tests were conducted at higher loads (~80 Newtons) than are of interest for haptics, the same general sensor response is shown in these graphs as are seen at lower forces for low range sensors (e.g., Flexiforce A201-1. Other information concerning these sensors is discussed on this archive.

See the Flexiforce user manual or data sheet or Interlink user manual or data sheet for more info.

We have also tested the Interlink FSRs. An FSR was placed on a desktop and covered with a small piece of polyurethane (35A Durometer Hardness from Innovative Polymers.

Results of these tests are shown on KarlinBark's blog.

Other examples of sensors/devices that have been made with piezoresistive ink technology include Lazzarini and Dario's Tactile Array Sensor and Chappell and Elliott's Contact force sensor for artificial hands.

Other FSR "Products" Android World'sAndroid Touch Sensor Board. This site also sells FSR's for $4 apeice (Technical info on these FSRs).

-- WillP? - 09 Dec 2004

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