-- MicheleLanzetta? - 26 Jul 2004

Here I am approaching the integration problem when dealing with smooth and rough surfaces, where adhesion and spines are both concerned. I am proposing a possible (geometrical) configurations for a surface with bumps (described in BumpedSurfaces) and spines connected in triplets (described in SpineTriplets). I would like to remind that three rigidly interconnected spines are intrinsically compliant. The scheme just shows a bottom view of the surface in a simple configuration with uniformly distributed bumps and spines. Represented spines are straight, but in fact they should be curved or at least inclined. Triplets of spines attached to a rigid plate, pierce the thin membrane of a bumped surface. The relative compliance and loading application and distribution among each triplet and each bump, before and during contact with the surface is not yet fully approached.


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