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-- MicheleLanzetta? - 30 Sep 2004

I would like to share these incredible experiences I had:

  • walking in the street at night, my attention was captured by a big (tropical, I hope) roach (maybe 5 cm long and 2 wide). Looking better, guess what!? a gecko was standing like petrified staring at him. A succulent meal: the gecko was just a couple of times longer... In a quick while, the gecko attacked and quicker than that the insect disappeared in an invisible hole in the wall. I was happy seeing that these insects have at least a predator;

  • bigger than the previous one I disturbed another very ugly roach, maybe just a little less than 10 cm long! It was cleaning its antennas, one after the other, maybe 5 cm long! Its movement was slow and it looked like a big heavy shielded insect. But in a second the action began, it started climbing a vertical concrete wall (avg roughness maybe less than 1 mm, max roughness about 3 mm) I was really impressed seeing how fast and high he could go and... after running so fast it flew!!! So such large insect, but still very small climbing machine, not only runs ultra fast, but is also equipped with wings!

  • my last still rewarding, but more pleasant experience was about crabs climbing on rocks. I will download some short movies with comments.

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